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Hawsé Sumi

Heritage Hues: Designs & Illustrations Available to Purchase

Heritage Hues: Designs & Illustrations Available to Purchase

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Press Play On The Video and Unmute the Music to get the full effect of the masterpieces curated by KAH

In the sprawling tapestry of modern couture that swirls into my head, there stands a creation—a vision of my own. My latest endeavor transcends mere fabric and thread creating this fab jacket, turtleneck and pocket square.

Should your heart yearn for a garment that whispers echoes of my innovation, allow me to impart an incantation for your next sojourn: "Avant-garde bespoke jackets with herringbone and ribbed textures in different colors. A search will unveil pieces that dare to brush the hem of my creations of grandeur but it will give you something to work with.

Furthermore, in my repertoire of fashion alchemy, I offer services, rendering fashion illustrations for the glossy pages of esteemed magazines, and conceptual ensembles for the discerning customer. The genesis of your bespoke journey commences at Be forewarned, the privilege of my craft comes with its value.


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