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Hawsé Sumi

Crimson Flux

Crimson Flux

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The painting is an abstract piece with a dynamic array of red tones that seem to convey both movement and emotion.

The red could symbolize a range of ideas such as passion, love, anger, or vitality.

The textures and strokes appear spontaneous and fluid, suggesting a release of energy or an unspoken narrative that the viewer can interpret in their own way.

Crimson Flux is a visual representation of the artist's journey through a tumultuous period of life.

Each stroke signifies a challenge faced, a battle won, or a moment of pure passion.

The color red dominates, symbolizing the intensity of the emotions experienced.

Created during a time of personal transformation, this painting is the artist's way of processing and giving form to the abstract nature of feelings.

It speaks to the human experience of overcoming and growing through adversity, each swipe of color a testament to resilience and the power of the human spirit to prevail.

The artist invites viewers to find their own stories within the ebbs and flows of the crimson landscape.

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