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Kiyora Couture

Kiyora Couture presents The Hawsé Sumi Custom Artwork Halter Dress

Kiyora Couture presents The Hawsé Sumi Custom Artwork Halter Dress

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You can personalize your dress with a high quality image. Please email for details.

The artwork by Hawsé Sumi changes every month. Grab them while you can.

Kiyora Couture presents The Hawsé Sumi Custom Artwork Silk Backless Dresses are masterpieces of wearable art, capturing the essence of luxury and creativity. Each dress is meticulously crafted from the finest silk, offering a canvas where art meets fashion in a seamless blend of colors and textures.

The first dress features a dynamic, abstract pattern with splashes of crimson and deep earth tones that evoke a sense of passion and vitality. The second dress presents a cooler palette with strokes of black, grey, and white, accented by hints of vibrant orange, mirroring a more introspective yet bold artistic vision. Both designs are backless, enhancing their allure and sophistication, making them perfect for anyone looking to make a statement.

Sliding into a Hawsé Sumi silk backless dress, you are instantly enveloped in pure decadence. The silk kisses your skin with every movement, its smooth texture promising an evening of effortless elegance and comfort.

As you tie the delicate straps around your neck, you feel a transformation—not just in appearance but in spirit. The artful designs on the fabric tell a story, your story, of boldness, creativity, and a life lived colorfully. Attending a gallery opening or a chic soirée, you are not just a guest but a moving exhibition of art and beauty.

The brushstrokes on your dress are not just prints but expressions of your unique identity and style. Wearing this dress, you don't just walk; you glide, wrapped in luxury, each step a testament to the art of fashion and the fashion of art.

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