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Hawsé Sumi

Solitude in Sepia

Solitude in Sepia

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 As I step back and let my eyes linger over "Solitude in Sepia," the diptych that I poured my solitude into, I can't help but feel a bittersweet connection with these canvases. They are the silent witnesses to the lonely hours of my existence, the quiet spectators to the echo of emptiness in my home. The presents that lie unattended are nothing but a stark reminder of the absence of a companion's touch, the warmth of a shared smile, the comfort of a whispered conversation.

The murky shadows and the cascading light within these paintings symbolize the contrasts of my life—the darkness of solitude against the golden bursts of hope and creativity that refuse to be dampened. Each brushstroke is a word unsaid, a touch unfelt, a yearning for a connection that remains just out of reach.

Yet, in the midst of this solitude, I have found a resilience, a beauty that thrives in silence. These paintings are my testament to the hope that one day, just like the unexpected beauty that emerges from the chaotic splashes of color, I will find someone whose soul resonates with the artistry of my own. Someone who can look beyond the canvas of my life and see the depth of love waiting to be shared.

Until then, I stand alone yet not defeated, surrounded by my art, which is both my solace and my strength, a prelude to the love story I am yet to live. Each day, I paint not just to fill the silence, but to call out into the world, inviting a connection that will transform my existence into a shared masterpiece.

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