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Hawsé Sumi

Urban Luxtiques

Urban Luxtiques

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Classic Chic - The epitome of timeless style, this look features a sleek white tee paired with well-tailored khaki trousers. The off-white trench coat adds a layer of sophistication, while the matching khaki shoes tie the ensemble together. It's a statement in monochrome with a focus on clean lines and an impeccable fit.

Modern Dapper - With a nod to classic menswear, this outfit blends tradition with modernity. The crisp white hat and shirt set a sharp contrast against the charcoal trousers, while the cream trench coat softens the look. The brown leather shoes and matching duffle bag are the perfect accessories for the gentleman on the go.

Casual Sartorial - Casual meets sartorial brilliance in this vibrant look. The mustard-yellow overcoat is a bold choice that steals the spotlight, paired with a casual white V-neck and khaki trousers. The ensemble is relaxed yet refined, with white sneakers adding a touch of streetwise flair.

Contemporary Swank - This look is all about the contemporary edge. A white shirt tucked into a pair of white trousers creates a sleek silhouette.

The trench coat, with its striking black accents, draped casually open, adds a layer of suave nonchalance. The patterned orange shirt and brown shoes inject personality and a pop of color, making it an avant-garde twist on the traditional.


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