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Hawsé Sumi

Circles of Gold

Circles of Gold

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In a realm where crimson fervor lies,

A golden circle spins and flies.
Beneath a scarlet sky it soars,
A fiery dance that heart implores.

Amidst the passion's heated swirl,
A universe begins to unfurl.
A single stroke of bristled grace,
Reveals a deeper, hidden face.

The canvas speaks in silent tones,
Of love, of loss, of flesh, of bones.
It tells a tale of cycles spun,
Of battles fought and victories won.

With every hue, a word is said,
In every line, life's thread is led.
A painter's brush, the poet's pen,
They bleed, they blend, again, again.

This art, this heart, this soul's parade,
A masterpiece, from light to shade.
Each dab and dot, a pulse, a part,
Of the grand portrait of the artist's heart.


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