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Hawsé Sumi



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As I stand before "Confluence," the painting that captured our love, I can feel the stirrings of that old, familiar warmth. This artwork, born from the quiet moments we shared, swirls with the gentle golds and soothing grays of our intertwined lives. The central point, where all the colors meet and explode in a burst of energy, represents the day our paths crossed, a moment of destiny.

I remember painting this after our first year together, inspired by the way you touched my life, like a brush on canvas, transforming a blank surface into something beautiful. The gold is your laughter that brightened my darkest days, and the gray is the balance you brought to my extremes. The flow of the paint is the dance of our relationship, sometimes serene, other times tempestuous, but always moving together as one.

Every stroke is a memory, a soft whisper of the promises we made. This painting is not just a depiction of feelings; it's a love story that continues to unfold. It's the quiet declaration of my commitment to you, a testament to the love that changed me, molded me, and made me whole. It hangs on our wall as a daily reminder of the journey of love we embarked on, a journey I'd take a thousand times over, with you by my side.


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