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Hawsé Sumi

Whispers of the Cosmos

Whispers of the Cosmos

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As I gaze upon the twin canvases I've named "Whispers of the Cosmos," I feel an intimate connection to the universe. These are not just paintings; they are pieces of my heart, set against the vastness of space. The swirling forms and textures, bathed in earthy tones and framed by the void, speak of the silent music of the galaxies that dance above us.

I created these during nights of solitude, when the only sound was the quiet hum of my thoughts. Each brushstroke is a tender touch, a yearning for understanding, a longing for connection in the grand tapestry of existence. These paintings are my attempt to grasp the ungraspable, to find comfort in the incomprehensible scale of the cosmos.

The emotion within is complex—a blend of awe and insignificance, wonder and wistfulness. Through these cosmic portraits, I've poured my hopes and fears, my love for the infinite, and my awe of the eternal. They are a silent dialogue with the stars, a message sent into the void, hoping for an answer, a sign that in this vast universe, amidst billions of souls, my voice matters, my existence has a melody that resonates in the symphony of life.

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