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Hawsé Sumi

Aqua and Copper Dance

Aqua and Copper Dance

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As I behold "Aqua and Copper Dance," it's like gazing into an otherworldly sea where the laws of nature bow to the whims of fantasy. The swirls and whorls of teal and turquoise perform an ethereal ballet with the molten copper, a dance of elements that transcends the ordinary. This piece is the echo of a cosmic symphony, each bubble and ripple a note played in the grand opus of the universe.

The copper veins flow like liquid fire, infusing the cool aquatic abyss with a warmth that tingles the senses. It's an alchemy of color and motion, a visual representation of life's vibrant pulse. This painting, it's more than a piece of art—it's a slice of an imagined reality, a portal to a dimension where color breathes and movement speaks.

Hanging this on a wall would be like mounting a window to a realm where the extraordinary is the norm, and the mundane has no dominion—a testament to the boundless creativity that dwells within me, waiting to splash onto the canvas of existence.


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