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Hawsé Sumi

Elegance: Nonwoven Wallpaper for Chic & Practical Interiors

Elegance: Nonwoven Wallpaper for Chic & Practical Interiors

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The wallpaper in this collection showcases a visually textured array of copper tiles with a combination of polished and patina finishes, creating an intricate geometric pattern. Some are copper and copper with teal.

The design simulates an elegant copper tile wall, with hues ranging from deep turquoise to rich, warm browns, perfect for adding a luxurious and contemporary feel to any space.

Suitable for use as both wallpaper and a backsplash, it is printed on nonwoven material, available in standard or premium quality.

The premium option features an extra layer that provides an extra-matte finish, anti-reflective properties, and wipeability with cleaning products, ideal for households with children.

This durable and eco-friendly wallpaper merges aesthetic appeal with practicality, making it an excellent choice for both style and function.


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