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Hawsé Sumi

Golden Words

Golden Words

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Stand before my painting, "Golden Words," it reflects the journey of my life, a transformation from a world of scarcity to one of abundance. Once engulfed by the relentless gray of poverty, I found solace and escape in the written word. Writing was my golden brush, and with it, I painted my future with the hues of hope and prosperity.

I remember the days of hardship, where every coin was a mountain climbed, every meal a victory. But in the silence of the night, I would write. I spun tales of grandeur and elegance, the life I yearned for etched into the pages. My stories began to resonate with others, their whispers of dreams and aspirations mirroring my own.

As my narratives found a home in the hearts of readers, my life began to change. With each published piece, a sliver of gold filled the cracks of my past. Writing became my alchemy, turning the leaden struggles into golden opportunities.

This painting, with its rich golden swath cutting through the pale void, represents the power of my words, which lifted me from the depths and draped me in the lush fabrics of a life once unattainable. It's a testament to where I've been and where I am—a life once defined by what I lacked, now redefined by the richness of my imagination and the wealth of my spirit.

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