Regal Unfettered: The Empress of Rarefied Grace

Regal Unfettered: The Empress of Rarefied Grace

In this painting, I’m emerging, shedding the layers of my past and embracing my future with my UnFuckable philosophy that is creating an unstoppable soul, a rare and unique empress. Yes, empress and not the overly use of Queen.

Let me give you my reason or should I say my unfuckable revelation on why I’ve chosen empress instead of queen.

I refer to myself as an "empress" because it signifies a higher level of authority and power than a "queen." As an empress, I symbolize the rule over a vast and diverse empire, indicating a broader realm of influence and a more significant status, underscoring my supreme leadership and control over my mind, body and soul. 



Empress Zewditu of Ethiopia was quite a remarkable figure. She ruled from 1916 to 1930 and was the first woman to lead an internationally recognized state in modern Africa. Imagine that! She was caught between the old and the new, trying to modernize Ethiopia while staying true to her deep Christian beliefs. Her story is not just a piece of history; it's about a woman wielding power in a changing world. Quite fascinating, don't you think?

My essence is captured in the unabashed poise, the luxurious curls of my afro, and the chic shades reflecting a spirit that's untouchable. It's a visual symphony of my wabi-sabi soul, finding beauty in the perfectly imperfect. This artwork takes me on an inward journey to a beautiful place my soul had yet to explore. And it's this journey that I celebrate in my written works, "Poverty 2 Posh" and "Over 40 and Killing It."

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